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Property Management

Guaranteed Income

Through partnership with Hmedia, establishing a digital billboard on your property can bring many benefits. Create an additional revenue stream by housing a digital billboard on your property, a rental income drawn from a small piece of land. Increase the commercial value of your property.

Ease Of Management

Our team will take care of all the heavy lifting. From the first meeting with Council to application approvals, installation, and ongoing maintenance, Hmedia will guide the project from conception to completion. Ensuring the highest quality of service, with the least amount of hassle to you.

Get in Touch

We’ve already partnered with a number of property owners. Interested in finding out what your property would look like with an Hmedia Digital Billboard? Contact us today to start the process, or simply find out more.

Please submit potential site for review by sending them to:


1300 789 680

Monday to Fariday

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